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Oakridge Equine Hospital

Our Internship Program

Staff member caring for a horse's leg

Helping You Succeed

Oakridge Equine Hospital offers a 1 year internship with a primary focus on surgery, sports medicine, and imaging. Internal medicine and general practice are also included. There are 6 internship positions available to qualified applicants, with the goal of providing new graduates a strong foundation for application into a residency program or entering into private practice. To date, 80% of past interns that have applied for a residency program were successful in securing one.

Oakridge consists of 5 board-certified surgeons, providing the opportunity to learn from a diverse skill set. Each intern will be paired with a single surgeon on a rotating basis to maximize exposure to a variety of case types. The rotation will also include time spent on field service and performing anesthesia. Duties include assisting with outpatient diagnostics, lameness exams, surgical assistance, and daily care of your team’s in-house patients. After-hours ambulatory emergency duty is shared between an associate and rotation of the intern class. After-hours treatments are performed by a technician. On average, each intern will enjoy 2 nights off per week and 2 weekends off per month.

We have a wide-range referral base encompassing all of Oklahoma, and extending into Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas. Caseload consists primarily of Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred, with disciplines ranging from racing and rodeo to pleasure riding. We offer clients the only high-field MRI in the area to best provide for our patients. Other specialty therapies include stem cell, regenerative laser, platelet-rich plasma, IRAP, shockwave, AO/ASIF fracture fixation, and many other cutting-edge surgical therapies.

Internship Questions & Answers

How Long Does This Internship Last?

The internship year extends from June 1st, through the end of May of the following year. This internship will facilitate critical thinking and refinement of your skills in a relaxed, yet professional environment. Upon completion of your internship year, you will have participated in a large and diverse surgical caseload, as well as all aspects of sports medicine, emergency medicine, and have a strong foundation for internal medicine.

What Are The Benefits Of The Internship?

Benefits Include:

  • Housing

  • Health/Dental Insurance

  • Professional Dues/Licensing Fees

  • CE Stipend

  • Emergency Fees

How Do I Apply?

The application deadline is October 1st. An externship is highly recommended to gain insight into the hospital but is not required for the application.

The following is required for application submission:

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Letter of Intent

  • Veterinary School Transcripts

  • 3 Letters of Reference

To apply please contact Dr. Devon England at [email protected]